Is it possible to take a good mugshot?

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When I was arrested and charged with two Misdemeanors, I was not only stunned but pretty scared too. I had never been arrested before and knew nothing of the process. Adam defended me with passion, non-judgment and thorough knowledge and experience of the law that I would have been utterly lost without. My record will be clean and I couldn't be happier. Myself, my family, friends and community are eternally grateful. THANK YOU, ADAM!! *****

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"I had just recently graduated from law school and was awaiting my bar exam when I was charged with 3 class D felonies. Adam was incredibly invested and attentive from the beginning of my case. He greatly exceeded my expectations in how often he took the time to come visit me in jail with updates. He calmly talked my wife through the issues and helped her understand what was going on. Adam believed in me and took the case to jury trial in Monroe County Court. His courtroom performance was excellent, combined with a solid grasp of litigation procedures and law. The jury verdict was not guilty on the 3 counts. I WAS DISCHARGED AND ACQUITTED ON ALL COUNTS. Worst-case scenario I was looking at 21 years in prison, and instead today I have my life back."

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He is a very professional and well organized individual that will work with you not against you in any situation, and does his best to defend you and your rights in court. I would highly recommend P. Adam Militello for anyone in need of his services he provides. Avvo *****

Is it possible to take a good mugshot?

My advice when it comes to mugshots is to cut your losses. Seriously. When police arrest you, they fingerprint you, and they take your picture. That picture is the first thing that a the judge and prosecutor will see when they are looking at your criminal history. Judges and prosecutors are only human, and in a split second they will have a first impression about the type of person you are. It isn't easy to pose for a good mugshot, because you are likely not in the best shape, as demonstrated by the pictures published every week in The Times of Wayne County. That being said, there is at least one obvious pointer you might want to consider: when posing for your mugshot, you might not want to try and look intimidating.


  1. You are likely to look as scared as this kid instead of intimidating; and
  2. If you succeed in looking intimidating, you probably just added $5,000 to your bail.

So, building on yesterday's theme of "don't make a bad situation worse," please try to look as normal as possible when having your picture taken by law enforcement. Your defense attorney will appreciate it.  

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