The Better Business Bureau’s ‘Stop Shoplifting Program’

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Stop Shoplifting Program

For a long time, people accused of shoplifting in Rochester, NY were given the option of performing community service or attending the Stop Shoplifting Program in exchange for some sort of plea deal. The 'Stop Shoplifting Program' was a three-hour course designed to reduce the likelihood that a person will re-offend.

Shoplifting defense attorneys in Rochester, NY liked the program because it takes less time to complete than the amount of community service that was typically required. Retailers liked the program because it had the potential to reduce the shoplifting problem going forward.

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The Stop Shoplifting Program fell out of favor with most District Attorneys' Offices and is no longer offered by the BBB.

If you are charged with shoplifting (petit larceny) in Rochester, NY, call a criminal defense attorney experienced in resolving these matters.

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